The Bewick Club.

The Bewick Club was conceived by members of the Newcastle Life School in the early 1880s: Thomas Dickinson, Henry Hetherington Emerson and Robert Jobling. It was named in honour of Thomas Bewick, the Newcastle engraver (1753 - 1828). Many towns and cities at that time had Art Unions which held regular exhibitions and offered prizes to artists (more than half the members of the Staithes Group exhibited with the Yorkshire Union of Artists, including Isa and Robert Jobling) and Dickinson decided to model the Club on the one run by Dundee Corporation.

Emmerson was chosen as the club's President and Jobling became Vice President with Dickinson as Secretary and Ralph Hedley was a member of the organising committee which met in New Bridge Street, Newcastle. The Club's first exhibition was held at the premises of auctioneers Simeon Joel and Sons, Pilgrim Street on 17th January 1884. The Club was soon to move into these premises on a permanent basis when the auctioneers vacated them.

When Emmerson died in 1885 Ralph Hedley was elected President rather than the former Vice President Robert Jobling. Jobling left the club soon after this and set up a competing exhibition of his own Staithes paintings at his studio.

Members of the Bewick Club painted in a range of differing styles, and the ones whose work is of interest to us are those who paint in the impressionist style favoured by Staithes artists. We always try to stock works by John Atkinson, Ralph Hedley, George Edward Horton, Isa Jobling (nee Thompson), Robert Jobling and his son, Joseph Jobling, John Falconar Slater and James Watson. Of these particular artists only Horton, Slater and Joseph Jobling were not also members of the Staithes Group.

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