Buying Art

Always buy pictures with artistic merit but also those to which you are drawn and would be happy to keep.

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Conceptual Art

The concept is merely the beginning of a work of art - not an end in itself.

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Art Works versus Works of Art

An 'Art Work' is a furnishing picture, chosen to complement the colour schemes of a room for decorative effect!

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Droit de Suite

Why do Auction Houses charge the BUYER the royalty due to be paid by the SELLER?

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BBC Country File

In early September Rosamund had a chat with Matt Baker about the Staithes Group in an edition based in Staithes.

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Campaign for Real Art

Angry about the volume of GOOD art by skilled artists kept hidden in gallery basements?

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Welcome to Staithes Group Art Specialists, T.B. & R. Jordan's Gallery

We’re Tom and Rosamund Jordan and we have been dealing in Fine Art for over forty years and have been Members of LAPADA for most of that time.

Our special interest has always been the work of Impressionist artists painting in the North of England around a hundred years ago. The Staithes Group, who worked in and around the picturesque fishing village, have always been special favourites. Many of them trained in Paris and/or Antwerp at the height of the Impressionist movement bringing the broad brush strokes and outdoor painting of this Movement back to Yorkshire. Their work is now in private and public collections world wide.

A more recent interest is the work of mining artists, especially that of the late Durham miner, Tom McGuinness.

We search for the best examples and sell at prices that make it possible for clients to hang museum quality examples on their walls.


We are next exhibiting at the Staithes Festival of Art and Culture 8th & 9th September.

We will be showing a significant number of paintings by the Staithes Group of Artists for sale

Together with original works showing the Yorkshire coast by other artists.                                                           

Rosamund will be giving a talk on the artists at 2pm each day, with around 50 illustrations of their work.

It's all happening in the Memorial Hall at the top of the village so won't involve a walk up and down the Bank

See full details and a list of pictures for sale under 'Exhibitions'

Check out our Facebook page at 'The Staithes Group of Artists'





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